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Sound Therapy

New to sound therapy?   Ask anyone who regularly engages in sound therapy and they'll tell you that there's nothing quite like it.   Here's a quick overview:  Individuals come to a room and relax (fully clothed) on lounge chairs in an ambient setting.  The practitioner will begin the session by verbally guiding the group through deep relaxation and help coax the mind/body towards a meditative state.  Being in this state helps stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and allows our bodies to rest and repair.   You are not there to sit and listen, or sit and watch what's happening.  You are there to wind down and be in this state; a state which allows your body to repair itself.  Many people who have a willingness to let go and get to this deep state describe it as  "being there but not really being there,"  "losing track of time,"  "totally unaware of my body", or  "pure consciousness"

The practitioner then combines powerful instruments and different elements of sound to “bathe”  the individuals in sound waves.  These sounds create powerful vibrations in the room at different frequencies and tones and help release stuck energy and trapped emotion from the body.   The frequencies and vibrations of the instruments impact the body's energy systems and brain waves to help address imbalances within the individual's body.   Imbalances in the body can affect physiological functioning and play a role in creating illness and disease.  Sound therapy can assist in restoring the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells.  It has also been shown to help reduce stress, and improve various negative emotional states such as depression and anxiety. 

Cost:  $50 per session

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PSYCH-K® is a powerful interactive process to transform subconscious beliefs that may be limiting your life.  Often times, we may have personal beliefs, buried deep in our subconscious, that are operating in a negative fashion.  These beliefs show up as self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns which prevent us from achieving the goals we've created for our lives.   PSYCH-K® is based on contemporary neuroscience research and has a proven 30 yr track record.  It is especially effective in the areas of behavioral/habit changes, stress reduction, and over all well-being.   PSYCH-K® helps to establish a Whole-Brain state in which the both hemispheres of the brain are working simultaneously, and not sequentially.   This increases the entire scale of the an individual's human experience and is often the gateway to higher consciousness.  Move forward and thrive by creating the life that YOU want.  Spend a few hours with Lisa and engage in this interactive process.

Cost:  $100-$175/hr   (Participants must book a minimum two sessions)

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Life Coaching

Not real thrilled with your current life?  Need some assistance in finding a new path?   Life coaching can help put you on the path to obtain your goals.   This collaborative process can help empower you to chart a new course.  Lisa will work with you to create a new future and improve your life.    Learn to feel better about yourself and create your best life.   Due to Lisa's clinical background and prior work with thousands of clients, you'll get the additional benefit of understanding how the brain and mind operate.  You'll also learn how your childhood experiences may have impacted your personality and influence your decision making.   Take charge of your life instead of passively waiting for it to change!

Cost:  $100-$175/hr   (Participants must book a minimum two sessions)

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Yoga and Sound


Our new Yoga and Sound program will take place on intermittent days.  Come and participate in yoga while also experiencing sound therapy.    We will be offering workshops that  combine breath work, restorative poses, joint opening, and gentle stretching to release tension in the body while cultivating relaxation and inner peace.  Sign up for our workshops via the website.  Participation will be limited to 20 participants.  Check out our Facebook page for promotional discounts.  Don't miss this unique way to reset the mind and body to its natural state!

Cost:  Varies

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Parent/Child Sound Therapy

You asked for it and I'm responding!    Now, you and your adolescent (12-16 yr)  can experience The Sound Room together for a 45 min session of sound therapy.   All adolescents must be accompanied by an adult, and both must book separately.  If you have any questions regarding special needs, or appropriateness for your son/daughter, feel free to contact Lisa before scheduling.   Look for these sessions scheduled at various times throughout the coming months.  

Cost:  $40/session

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Starting on Nov. 7th, we'll be offering Reiki as an additional service.    Reiki is a form of energy healing which helps to reduce stress,  promote relaxation, and assist in symptom relief.  Practitioners use a safe, non-invasive form of healing to deliver energy, improve energy flow, and maintain energetic balance of body, mind, and spirit.  Reiki is also used world-wide in hospital settings to support the well-being of individuals receiving traditional medical treatment.

Cost:  $70/session

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