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Frequently Asked Questions

Sound therapy seems way outside my box!  How do I learn more?

Yes... it may seem pretty "woo woo" if you're not familiar with the concept.  So you'll need to keep an open mind and think a bit differently about your brain and body.  It's important to remember that we are energetic beings.  At the center of all those atoms that make up your body, there is nothing but energy.  All those thoughts and feelings that you experience daily are nothing more than a mix of electrical impulses and chemicals.  If we can change the energy levels in our body, then we can change the state of our being.  Sound therapy uses very powerful instruments to entrain the energy in your body and helps move the energy to a more positive state.


You can learn more and understand how it impacts the brain and body by clicking here on our website.   If you'd like to read articles and research regarding sound and meditation, click here.

Is this music therapy?

No, this is NOT music therapy.  Sound therapy is considered vibroacoustics.  The Sound Room at Polaris combines meditation, vibration, and frequencies to shift the energy in the biosystems of the body.  While participants are relaxing in a deep state of consciousness, powerful instruments create a vibration in the room to help improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

How old do you need to be to attend The Sound Room?

While we would like to allow everyone to participate, we have found that individuals 16 yrs or older have the ability to sustain attention and remain still, and in a meditative state for the required amount of time.

What happens when I arrive?

I highly recommend that you use the restrooms before entering The Sound Room.  Restrooms are located across from the elevators.  Then proceed to The Sound Room waiting area.  You'll be asked to leave all your belongings, including shoes, jackets, phones, smart watches, purses, drinks, etc. in the cubby area.  All devices MUST be turned on silent in the waiting area.  This will protect against any disruptions during the session.  Don't worry... once everyone arrives, the outer glass door will be locked.  When you're ready to enter The Sound Room, choose any seat and get comfortable with the blankets and bolsters.  

Are there any individuals who should avoid a sound bath?

We recommend that individuals who are pregnant, or who have devices implanted in their body such as pacemakers, hearing aids, or metal replacements should consult a physician before participating in a sound bath.  In addition, those with epilepsy or seizures should avoid our facility.

Is there anything that I should bring?

Participants often bring a sleep mask to block their vision in the room while relaxing.

How do I make an appointment?

All appointments are made online through our booking system.  Right now, most days have one/two sessions per day.  Each session has 25 seats available for participants.  If you'd like to book multiple seats for a given session, you can do that through the booking system.   Check out our Facebook page for current promotions.   You can reserve your seat at The Sound Room by clicking here

What's the quickest way to find a service when booking?

To find a specific service quickly, click on the FILTER button, which is directly to the right of the four main tabs.  Select from the SESSIONS being displayed.  It will then show you the available dates for a given service

What if I'm late?

Due to the nature of our sessions, once our doors are closed, late arrivals will NOT be permitted into The Sound Room.  For all evening sessions, please arrive at least 10 minutes early.  Due to security issues, the main doors to the office building will lock around 6:55pm.   At times, our elevators can be slow.  Feel free to use the stairwell in the hallway past the elevators.  Turn right, and the stairwell is the 2nd door on your right.  Head up to the 3rd floor.   (You can ignore the Relay Health sign)   The Sound Room entrance is just to your right, as you exit the stairwell.

Why is meditation important?

Meditation helps us be mindful of our inner states.  It has been shown to lower blood pressure, help regulate our immune system, increase neuroplasticity, and increase stem cell production.    Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system frees and empowers individual cells to respirate and encourages healing and recovery on the cellular level.  As we heal ourselves and clarify our intentions, the energy of our body becomes highly directed.

Are there other types of therapy that you provide?

Lisa Bushman is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and has her own private practice in the building.  This practice has its own private entrance and is located to the east of The Sound Room.  I provide counseling for many types of disorders and relationship issues.  It is my hope to also use The Sound Room facility to provide other treatments with therapeutic benefits.  I anticipate providing yoga with sound, support groups for substance abuse and mental health, marriage seminars, and other educational events.  My intention is to provide various therapeutic options which promote wellness within individuals.  You can find more information on my website at:

How long are the group sessions?

Group sessions at The Sound Room last approximately 75 minutes, and there are 25 seats available

Can I get a refund if I miss my session?

The Sound Room has a fixed number of seats for participants.  Due to the nature of our group sessions and selling individual seats, all sales are final and refunds are not issued.  Sessions may be booked up to 90 minutes before the start time, if seating is still available.

Are walk-ins welcome?

The Sound Room has a limited number of seats.  We cannot guarantee that a seat will be available for walk-in clients, but we will allow for walk-ins.  The best way to ensure that you can participate in a session, is to reserve your spot by clicking here.

How can I get the most out of my Bio-Well scan?

     Here are a few suggestions:

         Don't eat up to 90 minutes before your appointment

         Short nails are best (if possible)

         Wear comfortable clothes

         Remove all smart devices

         Pacemakers are not recommended

Do you offer gift cards, packages, or memberships?

Yes we do !  Gift cards can be found under the Purchase menu.  For PREPAID packages, and MEMBERSHIPS, you will see icons for these items, under the initial Book Now screen, on the right hand side of the screen, just above the four main tabs.

What if my hearing is impaired?

No worries.  The vibrations from the instruments not only work through our auditory systems, but they also impact the body at a cellular level.  It is not the hearing of the sounds that heal the body, but the frequencies and how they impact the brain and body.  The body turns on the parasympathetic nervous system when the relaxation response is invoked and helps to heal the various systems within the body.

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